Our Strengths
  • Strong gaming background; though our team has grown over the years and includes a mix of talent, our leaders have been in game development for over +20 years.
  • A real game feeling; RPG elements, real play&earn system, fair game content, the playable system for everyone.
  • Have a rich gaming mechanism, completely fair and open collection market, trading market and investment market.
  • This game has an open and obvious running environment, with the core values of equity and fairness, permitting all players to evaluate the game at any time. Players have equal fame and power, which does no longer create inequality amongst players. It is recognised that in some current games, their algorithms are no longer open, transparent, or even fair. If players are in an unequal recreation environment, it will subsequently purpose the loss of users.
  • High user stickiness and continuous enhancement of the buying and selling market characteristic will assist promote the ecological prosperity of the complete Metahorse. Players are inspired to take part in the recreation and acquire rewards, as nicely as endorsing the recreation to new players.
  • A scientific and steady financial gadget can amplify the enthusiasm of players. Every participant who enters the Metahorse ecology will no longer solely be attracted with the aid of this horse racing game however additionally get sudden rewards as they dive deeper into the game.
  • +5 in-game language options, customer support options (TR, EN, RU, DE, AR)
  • Constantly updated game content; new, locally unique NFT collections, promotions, award-winning events and races.
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