Token Distribution
Metahorse Unity has a carefully planned coin allocation structure supported by in-game features to run the game economy with a balanced coin valuation. Game mechanisms such as e-sports, events, spend to earn features (such as upgrading, skill building stc.) will be supporting to keep decent amount of coins in the game and prevent deflections outlying the market conditions. Team will keep the balance to earn more by investing back in the game compared to sole trading of the coins. We as the team have a word to favor long term investors in every aspect.
Metahorse Unity Coin Allocation
Metahorse Unity will allocate 1,000,000,000 Munity Gems which is the governance token of the game, also used to buy NFTs, staking. Munity coin on the other side is the utility token to spend in the game and for in game earnings, each being the same value but differ in governance rights.

The Token distribution plan of Metahorse Unity is as follows (units in MUNITY GEM):

  • Seed Sale: 8% (80,000,000) Seed sale is the earliest sale process for lead corporate investors.
  • Private sale: 10% (100,000,000) is the sales process short after seed sale for secondary investors.
  • Public Sale: 3% (30,000,000) is the sale for early followers of the project who will be whitelisted.
  • Hungri Games Team: 10% (100,000,000)
  • Advisors: 3% (30,000,000) are allocated for our advisors who keep us in the right track for the establishment and future roadmap of the game.
  • Liquidity provisions: 6% (60,000,000) will be allocated as Liquidity tokens. These tokens are used for adding liquidity postIDO. The tokens will be released after IDO private sale phases.
  • Community Development Incentive: 5% Community Treasury tokens are allocated for the development of the gamer communities globally. The tokens will be released partially, rate being evaluated and managed by the community development team.
  • Ecosystem Reserve: 55% gameplay reward tokens which will be allocated as rewards for gamers to earn. The tokens will be released partially as stated in the rules and formulas of game mechanics.
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