Anti-inflation Policy
Inflation has become a painful problem for virtual economies when the number of Tokens put into circulation exceeds the demand of the whole market. This increase in tokens causes their value to decline, which, in turn, makes users feel that their assets fall over time. Metahorse UNITY realizes that this is an issue that needs to be considered and resolved from the moment the project is conceived. Therefore, Metahorse UNITY chooses to issue only one Token to manage the circulation of money easily as well as to ensure low inflation through the metrics shown on the Blockchain network. In addition, Metahorse UNITY also developed a Treasury to allow a portion of the profits of the entire Metahorse UNITY (see Token Distribution ) to be used for the buyback and burn mechanism, thereby minimizing the risk of increased Token supply or illiquidity on the entire system.

Ingame features to spend to earn more, hence fight with deflation:

Metahorse Unity ingame economy is resembles the real life costs and benefits of owning a horse:
  • Users can upgrade their NFT Metahorses such as buying carrot, hay, food Packs, sugar and lotus flower. In this way, the MUNITY Coins which pay to buy the items have a deflationary effect. Users also have the opportunity to profit from the NFTs they have upgraded.
  • MUNITY token has many use cases with in-game features such as Breeding, Upgrading, taming, trading, etc... In this way, it creates a deflationary effect by increasing the use cases of tokens.
  • Joining more races by paying the fees, riding other owners' horses, renting skilled horses for a ride to increase the odds of winning enables the users to earn more via spending a share of their Munity fortune.
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