Staking NFTs
Holding Metahorse Unity NFTs have extensive benefits for owners. NFTs are not playable items but in a sense investment vehicles for the game.
Users’ & NFT Holders’ Benefits
  • Players can earn MUNITY coins by participating in PVP/PVE races. In this way, NFTs turn into value-added assets that generate income as free to play for the game beyond a digital artwork.
  • Users can rent and borrow their NFTs by consuming MUNITY GEM.
  • Users can earn Munity Gems as a reward by holding their NFTs. So NFT itself is a staking vehicle.
  • Users can earn a 20% Breeding costs fee by utilizing their NFTs.
  • Users can earn Epic Horses, and Munity coins by completing daily, weekly and monthly quests.
  • Users can earn a reward by staking & farming their Munity coins.
Fees and Charges
  • 2% transaction fee is charged for every transaction on the NFT Marketplace. Buyback and burn will be made with the collected funds.
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