Play to Earn Features
Metahorse Unity is an RPG Racing Game with classical RPG mechanics where players compete in both PvE and PvP modes and complete various quests within the various live events at Metahorse environment.
Users can earn Munity tokens and Epic Horses by completing daily weekly and monthly quests. As races are won, levels will improve and new arenas will be unlocked throughout the journey.
There are various earn and burn mechanisms in the game as charted in the Core Gameplay section. Earning more needs developed game skills and luck to be in stronger gaming communities for shared earnings.
Users will be able to earn faster via:
  • Training activities to improve the horse skills such as speed acceleration and sprint energy
  • Joining as much races as possible against other real or AI players: More races with higher skills means more share to earn from the pool
  • Show your outstanding skills at Grand Prize events
  • Upgrade horses by earning and spending consumables
  • Get in contact with NFT breed horse owners, or own one. Breed your horse to improve the class to have more wins.
  • Catch more horses in the Stuttengarden and ride multiple horses
  • Partnership: Rent your horse in the Butterfly club or get hired as a rider for others' horses; get your share for your wins.
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