Munity Gem $MGEM
Munity Gem is the governance token with more exclusive positioning that could evolve players to investors.
There are two more use cases of Munity Gem other than having a participating vote for the game roadmap and critical decisions.
Munity Gem will be bought through investment rounds and can be obtained from DEX and swap platforms in the blockchain (to be announced).
In the Game Marketplace site, the Munity Gem owners will be able to:
  • Stake
  • Sell, buy & rent NFTs
Munity Gem will be realized through:
  • Exchanging through swap sites and in the blockchain (to be announced)
  • Trading NFTs
  • Right to reveal a new mbox which generates a new racehorse, rider or other in game equipment.
Munity Gem owners will also be able to:
  • Evolve their Metahorses by breeding with other NFT horses
  • Own a breeding NFT horse and accept requests for breeding with price and cost
  • A right to enter Stutengarden metaverse area and catch new wild horses by completing the quests.
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