Munity Coin $MUNITY
Munity Coin is the only utility token which can be earned by in-game events and by participating in various quests and races. The coin is eligible for every user who plays the free to play the game.
Munity Coin can be earned through and spent to join:
  • Special events
  • Battle Pass
  • Ranking rewards
  • Quests
  • Guild Races
  • PvP and PvE Tournaments
Munity Coin value will be realized through exchanging through swap sites in the blockchain (to be announced).
In the core gameplay features, MUNITY coin is the consumable currency to buy consumable digital goods in the game. Players increase their chances of winning races with consumables that temporarily upgrade their Metahorse stats. Some consumables that can be bought with Munity Coin are:
  • Carrot, hay, food packs, sugar and lotus flowers.
There are level up, RPG features and event costs to burn the Munity Coin, which enables to earn more. The chart below shows the distribution of the total cost of the in-game elements.
Marketplace is another space to make good investments with Munity Coin. Users will have to pay:
  • Commission fee at P2P Sales and rent
  • Munity transaction cost for Staking
  • Fee to buy Munity Boxes
  • TAX with Munity for Withdraw transactions.
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