Free to Earn Characteristics
Free to Earn is the type of game where as a player, you wouldn't need any upfront investment such as buying an NFT to start the game. This enables more qualified players to join and the competition to rise. Besides, e-sports features will be available to a wider community. Metahorse Unity is a game aiming to attract mass gamer community and sub communities gathered around horse classes.
On the other side investor-players holding NFTs and developed horses will be motivated to invest more with more shares from pools and earning rates depending on the NFT rarity when breeding horses.
All new players will be given a free horse to start the game with. This free horse can not be traded on the marketplace and doesn't have the same stats and skillsets as NFT breeded horses.
The horse defined to every player will be revealed through an MBox, which is basically a gatcha system. Players can choose the horse class of the MBox, but the rest of the reveal is a random process. So the users will have to trust their luck rather than the coin base they own at the beginning to see their beginning level.
Players will be able to play with this free horse to earn in-game items, free shards, unlock skills, earn some MUNITY tokens. Eventually, players may earn enough to obtain some of the NFT equipment (riders, shards, lapis) even though they started with a free horse without any upfront payments.
Even though the game is free to play, there are numerous core gameplay elements as metioned in the previous Core Gameplay, Munity Coin , Munity Gem sections to involve players spend the Munity coins and Munity Gems they earn in the game or buy through exchanges.
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