Summary of the Metahorse Unity mission
Metahorse Unity's mission is not only to create a horse racing nft game but a cross-platform game that connects crypto owners with gamers and introduce nft possibilities to gamer audience. RPG components which are integrated into the Horse Racing world will create a sustainable ecosystem that makes gaming, sharing, and in-game peer-to-peer communication in global markets.
In order to realize the mission, Metahorse Unity shall serve these major feature set:
1. Gameplay is to be really fun and entertaining, keeping players interested in participating in the game every day for long period of time. Metahorse Unity demonstrates supporting features that help connect players, such as Guild, Guild House, or Guild Quest. Players must be connected and interact in a real-gaming community.
2. Esport features incentivize nft holders and successful race horse holders to engage on popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Metahorse Unity esport ecosystem.
3. NFT owners have a deep connection with the players. They can act as an investor or player, and they can also be a mediator between players and the guilds. Metahorse Unity will provide a player centric blockchain-based platform to make it transparent and convenient.
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