The Warrior is the most physically strong of all the class groups. The overall design and look and feel of the Warrior class originated from historical elements which give a unique design characteristic to all the Warrior Metahorses. This class usually specializes in melee attacks, whether with buffs or just plain damage to opponent horses. Warrior horses generally have barding armour around them and are the most skilled with warrior custom items. High HP, attack, and defence scores are usually characteristic of the Warrior class. This class is usually utilized by players who favour a straight style of gameplay within the racing atmosphere.
Subclasses in this category can include Roman Empire, Moghul Khan, Royal Arabian, Holsteiner Knights, Trojan, Bedouin Series, Gokturk Series, Paladins Union which have unique design elements and motives from the history and are a good choice for the players who value historical elements and warrior type of classes at the same time.
Some of the main skillsets of Warrior class:
  • Implacable Mark: When hit, an enemy is marked by you. They’ll get a disadvantage such as slow-down or skill usage freeze during the race.
  • Hold the Line: This allows the Warrior horse to slow enemies by delivering a decisive blow.
  • Defender’s Blade: This ability will enable warriors to strike back with a vengeance. You can get an attack of opportunity twice, as well as getting additional buff when wearing a specific barding.
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