The Unicorn class is a magical member of the group. One of the most skilled in the racing pitches, Unicorns are generally typified by their lack of speed and stamina skills. However, they are effective in using fire and ice-based skills and other spell use. Unicorns are usually the medics of the classes and this could bring various advantages during the race as this class can also cast shield, healing, and regeneration spells for itself and its duo stablemate during races. Unicorns also usually do their damage from long range during the race, as opposed to close quarters, where they’re usually susceptible to damage.
Subclass origins for the Unicorn are varied and diverse, including Fire Mage, Angel Of Sand, Merlin Magic, Necromancers, Shadowknights, Shaka Horn, Blue Mage
Unicorn's some of the skill sets;
  • Disciple of Life: More effective healing spells
  • Blessed Healer: Healing spells cast during the race on the player as well as a team member
  • Reaper: This allows the Unicorn horse to learn a variety of necromancy spells
  • Inescapable Destruction: Your destructive death spells are more potent and get through opponent horses.
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