Dragon class has existed in so many forms in most of the RPG titles and Metahorse Unity classifiy it as a distant relative of the warrior class. Their design is mostly associated with different types of dragons. They are unique because in the right setting and with skilled hands they can be an overpowered class. Equipped with sturdy, heavy armour and incredible base/growth stats, they can serve as a primary tank, primary DPS, and offer elemental attacks. Generally, they come with some form of stat debuff in their armour as well. Dragons in addition to the standard class equipment and kits, have a unique skill set that pertains to the individual game world. During the PvP races the Dragoon can dominate the scene doing a large amount of damage. These skills are often extremely hard to balance and vary with usefulness in close races. Despite this, the Dragoon class is offering all characteristics of skills with firebase. Subclasses origins of this class are named after some legendary Dragon figures such as; Legend of Arman, Dark smoke, Daghara Mountain, Eragon Knights
Some of the main skillset of Dragon class:
  • Fighting Spirit: Gives you an advantage on all attack rolls and adds extra hit points.
  • Fire Berserker: Enables players to attack with the fire skills of the respective Dragon Horse.
  • Elegant Courtier: This gives players a massive boost to Charisma
  • Rapid Strike: In certain situations, the player can attack a target multiple times
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