The Cyber class forgoes raw strength instead of a more subtle approach. Cybers generally have higher skill sets in the environment of stealth, sneaking, and quicker movements. Cybers are also usually the most silent horses of any class, and have no trouble finding places to hide during the race. During the PvP and PvE racing the Cyber class usually begins with lower defensive stats than other classes, but offsets that by being higher rated in lock picking, sneak spring, and speed. The Cyber horse class is best managed by players who prefer a more cautious, yet chaotic, style of gameplay. Some of the main skillsets of Cyber class:
  • Critical Sprint: This improves the player's chance of landing a devastating critical sprint
  • Remarkable Athlete: Horse gets extreme proficiency bonuses to athletic skill sets
  • Survivor: Players get an impressive addition to hit points during the races if the horse is on fatigue level of status.
Subclasses for the Cyber role could include the Monk, who typically specializes in martial arts over other skill sets.
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