Metahorse Unity classes are the character frameworks players use in a role-playing game setting. Horse classes differentiate horses from one another by different items, cosmetics and possessing different skill sets utilized by players.
The game allows you to own horses one of a variety and even allow you to multiclass with different multiorigin sub-class horses. This gives player the ability to customize the horse stable for his/her playstyle. Based on these variery of classes a typical Metahorse Unity player will be able to use this system to min-max their horses and come up with own NFT holding and Secondary Market sale strategy.
Metahorse Unity's diverse advanced sub-classes invite you to explore until players find the racing strategy which is optimized for them. Then, players can unlock different type of customization for each of their class-based skills, giving the control of player's racing style.
The same goes for other mechanics of the game which are designed according to the class system. Players will find class-based skills, crafting, guilds and social systems, and other rich content that bring the Metahorse Unity world alive.
There are 4 major classes at Metahorse Unity world and listed as;
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