Metahorse Unity
Metahorse Unity Introduction

A cross-platform Horse Racing RPG NFT Game.

Welcome to Metahorse Unity world, a multiplayer, competitive, play-to-earn RPG Racing Game developed on the blockchain! Metahorse is a decentralized ecosystem with rich NFT collection and a horse metaverse to provide ever-changing endless possibilites in gaming experience RPG setting!
In Metahorse Unity, you can win in the following ways as a user:
  • Participating in races against other real or AI players
  • Improving your skills by racing and breeding and ranking higher in tournaments
  • Owning a breed horse and let other players breed to improve their skills
  • Riding with other's horses as a professional rider
You can contribute in horse trade,
  • Selling your skilled horse in the gaming marketplace
  • Selling your NFTs as an investment to buy new coming NFTs
Have fun with friends and win by;
  • Taking part in seasonal contests and completing the missions
  • Participating in special tournaments,
  • Creating your own prize tournament
  • Catching limited giveaways for community engagement

A high Community Engagement thanks to an Experienced Team

Metahorse Unity is designed with community at it's core, providing content creation and race hosting opportunities to feed forward the ecosystem.
In the world of Metahorse, NFTs are optimized so that users can feel the possibility of owning valuable digital assets without losing the real value of the purchased items. More than just a racing game platform, the development team has also introduced in-game tokenomics through the Metahorse Unity community.
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A cross-platform Horse Racing RPG NFT Game.
A high Community Engagement thanks to an Experienced Team